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We cover the multitude of your needs, quickly and easily!


Shop to Shop Envelope or Parcel

Drop your shipment at any of the 100 conveniently located service points of AKIS EXPRESS and the recipient will receive an sms ‘notification of arrival’ as well as a call from us as soon as the shipment lands at the destination service point.

Shop to Door Envelope or Parcel

Drop your shipment at the service point of your convenience (link to shops) and our courier will deliver it to the recipient’s door, at the address you specify.

Door to Door Envelope or Parcel

Just pick up your phone, call 77 77 17 77 and arrange a convenient time for you for our courier to come and pick up your shipment. The shipment will be delivered to the recipient’s door at the address you specify.


Cash on Delivery

Send your package with the order to collect money from the recipient. Upon delivery our personnel will act on the requirements of the order (cash, cheques, postdated cheques, etc, or a combination of all) and will deliver the shipment.

Valuable Items

Are you sending a valuable item? Just inform the cashier and we can insure your shipment up to an amount of 3000 Euros per shipment. The entire shipment will undergo a specialized security process, ensuring that we know exactly who, where and when the shipment changed hands. You can also use this service without declaring an amount if you want to send other valuable documents (i.e. passport, identification cards, driver’s license etc.)

Local Money Transfer

Select any of our 100 conveniently located service points and send money easily, fast and reliably. You can send up to 3000 Euros per shipment.


Do you need an envelope to pack your documents? Just ask our teller.


Send your shipment with orders to receive back a signed invoice or a receipt at the time of the delivery. This is the ideal service for businesses that need their credit invoice signed at the time of the delivery of the goods, and want to avoid the hassle and cost of dispatching one of their employees to do it. One stop Shop: Use Akis Express Service points to send your shipments abroad using UPS or send your money anywhere in the world through Western Union. Learn more details directly in the ‘About Us’ section).


SMS Notification

A complementary service to all our customers that provide their mobile number. An SMS notification will be delivered to the recipient as soon as their shipment arrives at its final destination and an SMS confirmation will be sent to the sender the minute the recipient collects the shipment.

Track and Trace

Use our website to find the whereabouts of your shipment. Our track and trace system provides complete information in real – time and online